I never try to convince a dyed-in-the-wool Progressive Liberal that supporting & voting for Barack Hussein Obama is like following a Bellwether over a cliff of more dependence, less freedom and a meager existence in mediocre poverty, as a slave to the Government! That would be a futile & useless exercise, because they are like Zombies or children in a school yard waiting to go out & meet the candyman on the street corner (Obama)!

Even so, I can't help but feel there are some intelligent Old School Democrats around this Country, that have a mind of their own and instinctively know another 4 years of Obama's Progressive Socialist Movement; that has been tried many times in History & always failed; is wrong for their family and wrong for the U.S.A., because it takes away their independence, integrity, self reliance and Constitutional Freedoms and turns us into a Welfare State, deeply in Debt!

Not to mention that their Country will no longer be a bastion for freedom lovers from around the world. intelligent, inventive, family oriented foreigners, legally waiting their turn to seek wealth & prosperity in the U.S. Under Obama we will only be a magnet for more illegal [immigrants] & free loaders from around the world that don't want to work and get ahead.

So I feel there will be some old Reagan Democrats that will swing this Election by either voting for someone other than Obama (Libertarian) or voting for the Republican ticket!

Judy Leonhardt

Lincoln Beach

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Yeah! That foreign born Muslim is really pulling the wool over our eyes. His commie leftist agenda will certainly be the end of us. Let's do this. Along with deporting all those illegals flooding our country, Let's get rid of the poor, the ill, the aged, and indigent. Let's clear the decks for the new society where only the successful survive. Hail to the corporate dollar. We can all be free to do what we want as long as you keep your hands off of my pot of cash. Heck, we would all be doing well, since according to Mit, the average middle class household income is $250,000 if we didn't have to take care of those freeloaders. Perhaps you heard Romney's speech yesterday. A good Idea, let's monitor the voting and those 47% who he doesn't care about should be snatched out of the polling places and kicked right out of the country. Good thinking on your part.


wow! So which is it...are the illegals freeloading off hard working Americans or are they stealing our jobs?! Did you forget the Patriot Act was passed under Bush, along with two wars? Not real sure where you get your information, but you might try using logic, it will get you farther than parroting bigoted sound bytes.


I am a life-long Democrat -- and, yes, Mitt, I pay taxes -- and I am looking forward to voting for President Obama in November. I like his Supreme Court appointments, his success in getting the Affordable Health Care Act passed, his solid support of our military, and his adherence to the values expressed in our constitution. He's smart, consistent, and very likable. He most definitely has my vote.


I'll vote for a GOP as soon as Tom McCall runs again. He would be run our of the GOP and probably be called a Marxist, Socialist, Kenyan. There is nothing conservative about today's extremist GOP.


Ah yes, the Lincoln Beach lunatic fringe is once more in full force, inflicting upon us News Guard readers another inappropriately capitalized and poorly punctuated, hate-filled diatribe. Personally, I try to maintain my sense of humour, and this really is quite laughable although equally pathetic, and not take too much offense; ignorance is a fact of life and we need to see the silly side of it and have a good giggle. But I have to admit, it does get old hearing from these same old miserable, bigoted whiners almost every week. Perhaps some creative editing is in order? Oh, and if you're reading this, Ms. Leonhardt, awesome analogy--Zombies with a capital Z and children in the school yard------now why have I never made that connection before?


Wow! Just when I thought she couldn't possibly get any more hateful!
Judy, how can you possibly believe the propoganda that you write?
The real frightening outcome of this election would be to see the Republicans
win, and propogate their misguided hate of immigrants, the middle and lower
classes, women, gays, lesbians, non-believers, etc. etc. It is a campaign of lies,
deceit, divisiveness, racism, greed, hate, and aggressive religion.
Maybe you would enjoy living in Arizona, Judy? Why don't you give it a try?!


thank you to those who wrote comments. It is disturbing to believe I am living in the middle of what appears to be a racist, unthinking community of people who believe we are all in this for only ourselves. I too am a lifetime Democrat and will continue to vote for those who would be wise enough to remember the past and not so past results of trickle down theory. I suspect is it close to .............on them and then flush the toilet.

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