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If you are a registered voter in Lincoln County, you have the right to vote on Measure 21-203 even if you live in a city.

YES on 21-203 applies to 525 STRs outside city limits.

YES on 21-203 does not 'ban' STRs in the cities. Outside the cities, Owners can rent short-term for 5 years. Then they either sell the house, occupy it, or turn it into a full-time rental.

Who needs long-term housing? Hospitality workers, doctors, school teachers, etc. who will work and pay more taxes, eat out more, and visit our local stores more than tourists.

Who wants you to vote against 21-203? Short-term rental management companies, out-of-area owners, and a few realtors.

Meredith Lodging, founded by Jon and Meredith Oksenholdt, contributed $200,000.00 to the Support Lincoln County Jobs PAC and fight 525 existing STRs.

The opposition is also asking STR owners to register themselves as voters in Lincoln County temporarily. These aren't your neighbors.

YES on 21-203 was organized by a community group called 15neighborhoods. We are your neighbors.

Google the reviews of unsatisfied renters on both Meredith Lodging's and Vacasa's sites. Talk to people who lost their full-time neighbors because of the short-term rental invasion that brought 24/7 unmanaged hotels that can't be monitored due to enforcement staffing shortages.

Many tourist cities are now changing their laws; some include having the owner physically live in the VRD at least 50% of the time.

Help the local economy and neighborhoods survive. Vote YES on 21-203.

Susan Walker

Lincoln City


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cobra man

Just so I understand. As you stated 525 str outside city limits. How many local workers do they support? Cleaners, maintenance workers, office employees, landscape workers, etc. If they don't have jobs and are not making any money how are they going to support other local businesses? They can't shop at local shops. They can't buy groceries at local grocery stores. They can buy gas at local gas stations? They can't afford rent. They can't go out to eat at local restaurants. Lots say that Lincoln County needs affordable housing and better living wages. If you're taking away their jobs how are they going to survive? Go get another job? With less people with no money local businesses will reduce their staff to survive. Seems like this will hurt more than you realize. Think about it.


The PACs created to defeat this measure are purposely leaving out important facts regarding Measure 21-203. They are quoting 4000 jobs will be lost if this measure passes which includes workers in motels, hotels, campgrounds, etc. It's simply a scare tactic. There are no available statistics on how many jobs would actually be "lost" for 525 STRs but it is a moot point since there are so many job openings available in the VRD industry that need to be filled, nobody who wants to work will lose a job. What is hurting the economy is full time citizens moving away because of an over abundance of STRs being allowed in residential zones. The citizens are the ones that strive to be good neighbors, volunteer, donate to local charities, pay more for housekeepers and maintenance people than the management companies pay plus help others down in their luck. Think about this, if overages of STRs in residential zones are not a problem, then why are so many cities/counties/states starting to disband them?

cobra man

People will lose jobs. Think about it. 525 STRs will disappear. The people that worked at those will lose their jobs. Can they find other work that pays more? Maybe? But wait. If so, why haven't they pursued that avenue? Some I am sure have found other jobs. Especially when the STRs all had to shut down last year for quite awhile. Not all maintenance and house keepers work for management companies. Many own their own companies. When shut down last year they didn't find it very simple to get unemployment and many got nothing. So what did they do find another job or occupation? So with voting yes 525 STRs will no longer be available for tourist's to stay. Let's say the average STR sleeps 6 guests. I am being very low on my estimate. If each STR are booked every night that means 6 individual guests x 365 nights is 2190 individual guests that stay in each STR in a calendar year. Now is each one booked every night? No. So let's say they are booked 1/3 of the year. There again I'm being low on my estimate. That means each home has 730 individual people stay at the STR in a year. So 730 individual guests per STR X 525 STRs equals 383,250 individual guest will not have a place to stay. Can they find other places? Maybe? Not many hotel rooms sleep 6 people. Here again I'm going to be low on my estimate. Not including the transit room tax the City and County collects from each STR. How are they going to replace this loss? Are they just going to take the loss? I don't think so? They are going to make it up some way. Let's say during the time that each individual guest stays in those STRs they spend $20.00 per day at local gas stations, restaurants, grocery shops and etc. Now $20.00 these days doesn't go very far. $20.00 x 383,250 individual guests that stay at these STRs equals $7,665,00.00. Do you think local business's will potentially miss this money? I would think so. Are they going to hire more people with the lost revenue? I would think not. Will some need to reduce staff? I would think so. Now those estimate of average of 6 guests per STR, booking only a 1/3 of the nights and each individual guest only spending $20.00 per day local is very very low. Enter the #'s you think it is. I don't need statistics to figure this out. Moot point? I don't think so? Not all STR owners are bad. Not all full time time citizens are good. Not all long term renter are good. Many STR owners strive to be good neighbors. All of them? No. Just as well as you can't tell me all full time citizens or long term renters are good neighbors. In your opinion what is a good or bad neighbor? So is an owner that rents their place as a STR just bad? What if they rented long term to local workers? Does that make them good? So only full time citizens volunteer or donate to local charities? I have to disagree. Do you think only full time citizens buy Girl Scout cookies when they are out selling them at a local business? How about the school sports, cheerleaders, band fundraisers only full time citizens donate? How about the fill the boot the Fire Department does only full time citizens donate? How about the toy drives around town only full time citizens donate? I think these fundraisers are not picking and choosing who they will accept a donation from. The Elks use to have a fashion show for charity. I donated raffle items and bought raffle tickets. The Eagles, Elks and Fire Department are involved in the meals and gifts at Christmas time. I donated and was involved in delivery and wrapping gifts. I also had my young daughter spend a few days donating time and wrapping gifts. One day she wrapped 8 large garbage bags full of gifts. The Christmas tree raffles at the Casino. I have bought raffle tickets. The Boy Scout Christmas trees in town during the holidays. I have bought a few Christmas trees from them. The various raffles done by local shops. I have bought raffles. Gallucci's had their trivia night for local charity. I have bought many items to raffle and purchased many raffle tickets. Have I won a few raffles? Yes. Did I win some stuff that I didn't need? Yes. Did I resonate or give away to local kids in my neighborhood? Yes. People down on their luck. I have bought them a meal. Locals that I have become friends with that are selling items for their kids fundraiser. Yep bought stuff from them too. You guessed it I'm a STR owner. This STR owner and many other STR owners strives to be a good neighbors to the local community that they own a house in. Not all STR owners need to rent their home to afford it. If they can't and need to rent to a long term local renter. Hopefully they get someone good that is a good neighbor. If not, the neighbor could get someone they don't get along with for while and not just a few days. Should we have the neighbor's do the qualification so they get someone they can get along with? Let's see how that goes. Some owners will choose to just let their house sit empty when not using. That doesn't help get more local housing. That doesn't help local business as it is less people in town to spend money. No TRT to the City and County. Some may choose to sell. With less people in town people are making less money. They can't afford the home and even if they could the neighbors better like them because they're in for the long haul. I don't see many STR owners that are now needing to sell their home bring over potential new owners to all of the neighbor to make sure they will fit in with them. If you don't like the STR get the neighbors together and offer to buy all the STRs in your neighborhood then you can control what to do with the property. Hopefully you rent really cheap to long term renter so they can have affordable housing as they will be making less money from the tourists. Hopefully the City and County doesn't raise property taxes to make up from the short fall of not receiving the TRT. All business slows down in the off season. Workers hours get cut. Less tips for restaurant workers. Is the off season getting shorter? Maybe? Last year was different as family's we're able to do remote learning and working enabling them to spend time at the beach. I have to believe that with the kids back in school and if places didn't have to restrictions on occupancy you wouldn't have a 1-2 hour wait to get into the many famous restaurants in Lincoln County. I can promise you restaurants and local business doesn't survive by only full time citizens. Think about it. Just trying to breakdown the basics. Vote how you like but think about the consequence this may have on our tourist driven town. Vote NO. Save our jobs.


Tourists do not need our homes to enjoy the Coast, but we need housing for the people who work here or want to work here. Eventually turning 525 homes in residential zones back to being a neighborhood is solely what this measure is about. Yes there can be "bad" neighbors but I'd far prefer those to a constant flow of vacationers who don't give a rip about their surroundings because they will be gone in a day or two. You say you care about the service staffs, think about caring about their living/driving situation when housing prices have gone through the roof solely because of STRs. By Oregon law, 70% of Transient Lodging Tax goes to tourism promotion, not to county services and programs. 525 houses and 5 years for them to comply by selling, moving in or renting long term will not cause all the damage you and the money makers who broke the initial zoning laws would like people to think.

cobra man

Absolutely, tourists don't need your home to enjoy the coast. But less vacation rentals means less tourists. Less tourists means less money. For example, if Susie loses her job she can't go to Carol for a haircut. Then Carol can't go out to eat where her friend Beth works. Now Beth can't go shopping at a local store to support them and buy Toby a pair of jeans. Now Toby has to wear worn or ripped jeans. A dollar passes through many hands. If an owner of one of the larger STR's decides to sell their home, a buyer buys it and it is 8 bedrooms. They could rent to 16 long-term renters, maybe more as STR's have occupancy limits. I may be wrong if long-terms have occupancy limits but I don't think they do. If so, they are not enforced very much. Those 16 each have a car. One may have a construction or landscape trailer. One may have a boat. Let's throw in a motorcycle or two. Maybe a few kids. Bikes and toys thrown about the front yard. Basket ball hoop at edge of driveway. One is very rowdy, drives fast, up late working in the garage. Each one coming and going all sorts of hours because they work different shifts. Two you don't get along with. You would be fine with this as they have every right to be there as you do at your home? If so, by eliminating these STR's, the only complaints should be long-term residents. Complaints will never go away irregardless of STR's or long-term. I can promise you I very much care for the service staff. That is why I do not want them to lose their jobs. I am assuming this will not cause you or anyone you know their job. But I am quite sure when this is all done you will know many that this has affected especially if you frequently support the local community. The traffic issue? STR owners don't control the traffic issues in town. That is handled by the State, County and City. I am sure you know who to contact to express your opinion. But I know for sure STR owners don't control the roads. Losing these STR will not reduce traffic on 101 in Lincoln County. If it does it would be a Christmas miracle. But as you said this is 5 years down the road. 5 years down the road, traffic will be worse unless the State, County and City do something. 70% of Transient Lodging Tax? Well there's another I can for sure tell you that STR owners don't get to decide were that money is spent. STR owner's job is to collect and pay it to the City and County. It seems you really care about housing for the locals. I have a suggestion. Why not get with the people that want to eliminate these 525 STRs and go to the County and City and have them put on a map, all of the properties the city/county owns and request they make these available for local housing. That I would agree with 100%. I don't think any County or City should be in the real estate business. They own more property than you could ever imagine but by seeing them all on a map, it may blow your mind. These were purchased by our tax dollars. The County and City aren't in place to make money, earn money, or sell a product to buy. They collect money. They owned the Elks property just a few years ago. That would of been a great central location to put an apartment complex. Centrally located, ball park close by, grocery store within walking distance and the community center steps away. Instead they sold it to a City employee. Was that what was best for the City and its residents? That would be a hard one to convince me was the right move. Now do I think the City and County want to eliminate these STR? No. But they will not take a loss on the revenue they were receivng on these properties. Mark my word they will be increasing property taxes to recoup. I can hear their words clearly. We let the voters decide and they chose to eliminate these STR's BUT we can not sustain without the revenue and with as much as we don't want to do it, we must raise property taxes or some other fees to make up this lost revenue. Now the part about long term effect this will cause. Any time you take a job away from a working person is a loss. We will just have to see how much damage it has done. Taking a job away is damage. We will have to ask Susie, Carol, Beth, and Toby if they have been damaged. If you're ok for them to be damaged. That's a problem. Now about me and the money makers who broke the initial zoning laws. How did I break any laws? Who said I broke any laws? I said I am a STR owner and a Lincoln County neighbor. So now it's the money makers that are the problem. You have to make money to buy homes. They just don't give them away for free. Our family WORKS very hard to be able to own 2 properties. We pay a lot in property taxes at 2 homes, power bills, gas bills, water bills, garbage bills, landscape bills, maintenance bills, window cleaning bills, gutter cleaning bills, etc. As you can see that supports a lot of people. That supports alot of people. as I said above a dollar goes through many hands. Keep people working. Vote NO.


STR's are great businesses for those that own and operate them. All expenses are tax deductible while building equity. They are now so popular, they have taken housing off the table by driving up property values and buying affordable houses. That is a fact. Businesses, including property management types can't find enough workers to fill their needs. That is a fact. If someone wants to work, the jobs are plentiful; look at the help wanted signs. Those who have STRs in Lincoln City and purchased them when Accessory Use was a law in residential zones, broke the law. Accessory use does not mean a full time STR with the owner rarely or ever being there. Lincoln County thrived before the STRs invaded residential zones. The citizens are tired of STRs moving next door to them and those that understand this measure will vote YES on 21-203.

cobra man

Very easy too just change a word and the argument is the same. Long term rental property is a great business to those that operate them. All expenses are tax deductible while building equity. They are now so popular, they have taken housing off the table by driving up property values and buying affordable houses. The City and County own how many properties? Could those be used for affordable housing? Are they driving up the property values? Do you own a home in Lincoln County? If so, you have to take some blame for the affordable housing issue as your property tax dollars are what is allowing the City and County to purchase these properties. No it can't be the people that buy a home and rent to long term renters. No it can't be the City and County that buy up property. It has to be the people that have a second home and rent STR. They are the problem and if we get rid of those all will be perfect. Not going to happen. What do you think the average is for a 2 bedroom place? So if I own a long term I should rent for less? If there is owners that own long term rentals in Lincoln County maybe go after them to give affordable housing. Let me know how that works out. Should I rent for going rate? How much do you feel I should rent my property? Why don't you rent a room out? This is such ridiculousness to think getting rid of these 525 STRs is going to fix affordable housing, traffic or anything that you feel is wrong with STRs. You just want you own little house on the prairie. You really don't care about workers or affordable housing. Just jumped on this bandwagon without knowing facts. It's ok to admit you were wrong. The help wanted signs are because places are busy with tourists. Have not tourists have no business. I will be so glad when this gets voted NO and the next complaint starts. Because yes the complaints will never end. I have given you many ways to help correct what is the issues. Eliminating 525 STRs is not going to do anything but make workers loss jobs. That's a Fact. Are you going to loss a job? Do you live in a STR neighborhood.? Vote NO


Because you asked, we bought our lot in a residential zone in 1990 and it took us 7 years of working a minimum of 80+hours each before we could start building our "forever" home which took us another 7 years to complete because we are not rich. We now live in STR neighborhood, watching many of our neighbors move away because of the constant negatives related to STRs. They even put in their sales agreement that their house was not to be bought by a STR investor, but the selling realtors did anyway. We do care about workers and affordable housing; we have helped many start their own successful businesses in Lincoln County. There are very few long term rentals available now because STRs make their owners and property managers way more money. That is a fact. It is also a fact that people without family, leave their property to the local government. And it is actively being sold or used for the benefit of the citizens and the tourists. Has nothing to do with our/your taxes. The following has been published after citing cases of STRs VS county in the Oregon Supreme Court. "Lincoln County will not go broke when Measure 21-203 is voted in. There simply is NO DATA to back up those claims, but there is an insane amount of money being spent to make you believe them. The same goes for claiming the lost transient room tax will break the county. No it won’t. Tourists will still come, the county will adapt to new ways of accommodating them, just like all the other cities that have had the courage to deal with this situation. Guess what, those tourist driven cities are still thriving, and that is a FACT." This is my final response to you. I still work a job that won't upset the few neighbors left on our street. And by the way, they will also be voting yes on 21-203.

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