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With the 2006 release of ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ the documentary by Al Gore, the world was told loud and clear of the deep trouble we all faced with the degradation of Earth’s environment, as illustrated most poignantly by global warming. However, since then nothing has really changed environmentally except the situation has worsened dramatically.

What this tells me is that the nature of our civil system, so called democracy, is ineffective. Whether it is through the legal system, NGOs, protest marches, voting, making protest art, letters to the editor and elected officials or being a part of an environmental group, nothing has worked to bring about the needed change.

We live in an oligarchy not a democracy. We are ruled by the rich and not ourselves. Our so called democracy is rigged in favor of large unethical and immoral corporations that are committing ecocide at a planetary level; this is done through the use of force and money. Money is used to corrupt our representatives and to hide the truth by publishing untrue propaganda in corporate news. Unfortunately a large segment of our population is addicted to this type of news and eats it up like food. When you watch corporate TV or radio you are not being informed you are being manipulated. Most people are afraid to standup and speak their truth for fear of jail time or some other type of retaliation, hence the force strategy of controlling behavior.

So what do I do? Other then informing myself properly, which requires lots of reading and researching, I have become an environmental activist; which in all honesty has not brought about an iota of change after five years of organizing, marching, protesting, talking with my elected officials, voting and countless letters to the editor.

Given that fact, I have decided to up my ante and partake in civil disobedience in addition to my other activist actions. If you look at the history of our country, you will find that only one thing has ever worked to bring about needed change, and that was civil disobedience. If it were not for civil disobedience we would still have slavery, women would not have rights, and civil rights would never have come to pass. Unions knew this when they struck and why some of our bravest and most enlightened youth are striking today, because eventual it works.

It is because of the children and the rest of our living Earth that I will no longer be a bystander in the ecocide of our planet. I stand next to the children and will STRIKE too! I have become a member of the Extinction Rebellion and hope you will as well. I am no longer afraid to go to jail with our children’s future and this precious Earth weighing in the balance.


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