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Obituary Announcement

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The News Guard has these options for submitting obituaries:

• Death notice: Includes the person's name, age, town of residency, and info about any funeral services. No Charge. Add a photo $25.

• Standard Obit: The cost is $75 for the first 200 words, $50 for each additional 200 words. Includes a small photo at no extra cost. Add $25 for each additional photo. Additional photos will need to be emailed to directly.

• Option for a 50% off pick-up (no changes) for an obit within 2 weeks of original publish date.

• Display Obit: $9.50 pci. Add color for $5.00 pci. Includes a small photo at no extra cost. (Example 1/4 page, $9.50 pci X 31.5 col. inch = $299.25 + $157.50 color = $456.75)

• Obit includes placement online.

Obituaries must be submitted and paid for by 5 PM Wednesday in order to appear in print that week. We will contact you to get the payment information for your obituary submission.

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